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[email protected] is a collection of practices, open-source tools, frameworks and practitioners built on our experience in delivering large and complex Salesforce programs. Utilising our 'curated' practices, you can build a modular Salesforce Org that is reliable and easy to maintain
The introduction of Salesforce DX revolutionized the ways of working with Salesforce. With the CLI, no click provisioning of development org (scratch org) and a package-based development model ushered in modern development practices followed by other technology stacks to Salesforce. Large and complex programs have often suffered in the past due to lack of the right tooling/practices. [email protected] was established to promote these new 'best' practices and innovation from the community (such as open-source project, ideas) to help Salesforce Developers achieve their business goals without constantly re-inventing the wheel every time.

Developer Experience with [email protected]

An optimized Developer Experience is paramount for us while building [email protected] We are constantly focusing on improving our tools ensuring these practices are easy to adopt in your organisation.
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