October 23
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Contributing to DX@Scale

First and foremost, thank you! We appreciate that you want to contribute to DX@Scale, your time is valuable, and your contributions mean a lot to us.


By contributing to this project you agree that:
  • you have authored 100% of the content
  • you have the necessary rights to the content
  • you have received the necessary permissions from your employer to make the contributions (if applicable)
  • the content you contribute may be provided under the Project license(s)
  • if you did not author 100% of the content, the appropriate licenses and copyrights have been added along with any other necessary attribution.

Getting started

What does “contributing” mean?
Creating an issue is the simplest form of contributing to the project. But there are other ways to contribute:
  • Updating or correcting documentation
  • Feature Requests
  • Pull Requests for Code
  • Bug Reports


Please create issues for bug reports or feature requests at the respective repositories. Issues discussing any other topics may be closed by the project’s maintainers without further explanation.