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Release - February 23

Key Contributors

All the Folks who have significantly contributed to [email protected] Thanks to each one of you.
Meng Qi
Meng is a software engineer with a zest for creating and implementing tools and infrastructure to enhance business productivity. She loves exploring different coding languages, platforms, and ways of working. She has been a part of [email protected] and involved in implementing new features of sfpowerscripts.
​Alan Ly
​Alan is a software engineer who builds automation and delivery tools for Salesforce. He has implemented effective CICD solutions on large-enterprise projects, and is a primary contributor to sfpowerscripts.
Caitlyn Millis
Caitlyn is a Software Engineer with a passion for all things IT, but particularly games. She has been involved with [email protected] since April 2020 as an engineer, spokesperson, blog writer, trainer and troubleshooter. She loves working with [email protected] and believes that anything which makes development and CICD simple is worth investing time and effort in.
Henry Lay
Henry is a Software Engineer who enjoys finding gaps and inefficiencies in processes and building the optimal way of solving those problems. He has been a part of [email protected] in helping with training and onboarding developers.
Ramesh Karanji
Ramesh is a Senior DevOps Engineer with good knowledge of key DevOps practices – Continuous Integration and Delivery, Strategy, Implementation, Security and Vulnerability Management (CDP) and Cloud concepts (AWS/Azure) - IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. He has been involved and part of [email protected] journey since 2019 as an engineer, advocate, contributor, implementer, maintainer, trouble-shooter and successfully implemented CICD solutions for Salesforce on large/small scale projects.
Genoud Magloire aka Profile Man
Genoud Magloire Douanla Djatio is a Senior Salesforce Developer at Astek Canada currently on a mandate at the National Bank of Canada, who builds robust and secure applications on the Salesforce platform. Genoud is passionate about DevOps practices on Salesforce platform and is behind the awesome profile functionality in sfpowerkit/sfpowerscripts
Jothy Sivanand
Jothy Sivanand - is Accenture Certified Senior Technology Architect and an inventor. He specializes in software architecture with a passion for automation and innovation. As a consultant, he had been advocating for [email protected], since October 2019 for large Salesforce implementation and transformations.
Hung Dinh
Hung set out the mission to tackle Salesforce DevOps practices head-on after he had been involved in delivering a large Salesforce transformation program and appalled at how far behind the DevOps capabilities were. Hung acts as an advisor to [email protected] core team on tooling and practices.​
Eric Shen
Eric Shen is a Certified Technical Architect who has been using sfpower* tools across multiple programs. He contributes additions and fixes to documentation, as well provide feedback on the various commands.
Diéffrei Quadros
Diefffrei is a Salesforce Architect at Expereo, He has been working on Salesforce platform since 2007. and is enthusiastic about DDD, TDD, writing clean code and DevOps including developer tooling that enables development teams to reach a higher level of productivity
Kevin Jones
Kevin is a principal architect at FinancialForce where he focuses on product performance & scalability alongside developer tooling. He develops a set of open-source libraries and VSCode extensions for analyzing Salesforce metadata and debug logs. Working for a large ISV has given him plenty of first hand experience of the difficulties of managing, analyzing and refactoring metadata. He sees great value in the way [email protected] is optimizing the developer experience for everyone working on the platform.