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Scratch Org Shape

  • How to shape your scratch org which necessary features and settings
  • How to push your local source and pull changes from scratch org
  • Understanding the advantages of source tracking api
Time to complete: 45 Minutes

  • Add communities in features
  • Enable network settings under settings
  • Enable Experience bundle metadata under settings
"orgName": "Dreamhouse",
"edition": "Developer",
"features": ["Communities"],
"settings": {
"communitiesSettings": {
"enableNetworksEnabled": true
"experienceBundleSettings": {
"enableExperienceBundleMetadata": true

  • Add ContactsToMultipleAccounts in features

  • Create a new Scratch Org by using the sfdx force:org:create command
  • Install all the package dependencies to your scratch org
Don't want to use the CLI command over and over installing multiple packages? Try sfdx sfpowerkit:package:dependencies:install​

  • Open your Scratch Org using sfdx force:org:open command
  • Go to setup > Object Manager > Create > Custom Object
Plural Label
Object Name
Record Name
Inspection Id
Data Type
Auto number
Display Format
Starting Number
  • Create the following fields within Inspection Object:
    • Create a Master detail field to Contact object with Field name Customer
    • Create a Master detail field to Property__c object with Field name Property
    • Create a field with data type Date and API name Inspection_Date
    • Create a field with data type Time and API name Time_Slot
  • Check the status using sfdx force:source:status command
  • Pull the changes using sfdx force:source:pull command

  • Go to Setup > Sharing Settings > Account Sharing Rules > New
The details to be used on the sharing rule

  • Go to Setup > Business Hours > New
The details to be used on the business hours

Shape is an important concept that one needs to understand while working with Scratch Orgs. Anything that can be applied in shape, can also be applied using Metadata API (settings). This can be a quite daunting task to understand all what has been enabled in an existing org, For this we can use the shape https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.sfdx_cli_reference.meta/sfdx_cli_reference/cli_reference_force_org.htm#cli_reference_shape_create​
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Learning Objectives
Enable Community in Scratch Org definition file
Enable Contacts to Multiple Accounts
Set up a new Scratch Org
Create the inspection__c custom object
Create account and contact sharing rules
Create new Business Hours for Melbourne