Release - November 22

Intro to sfpowerscripts orchestrator

Learning Objectives

  • What is sfpowerscripts?
  • How does sfpowerscripts help you in package based development?
Time to complete: 20 minutes


Orchestrator was introduced as part of the December 2020 sfpowerscripts Release 18. Previous to this, the sfpowerscripts structure was based around individual tasks, and putting them together to create a custom CICD pipeline. While you can still individualise your tasks, the sfpowerscripts orchestrator provides you with a set of commands which understand your package structure and 'Orchestrate' your CICD pipeline for you.
The orchestrator commands are built to be used through a CICD platform, but can also be used locally through the command line.


Install sfpowerscripts

The first step is to install sfpowerscripts as a plugin to your sfdx-cli, if you have not already done it
echo'y' | sfdx plugins:install @dxatscale/sfpowerscripts