August 23

Connecting Environments

Environments (Sandbox) need to be connected to the CI/CD pipelines for deploying packages to an environment. The preferred authentication mechanism for integrating environments to pipelines is to utilize SFDX AUTH URL based authentication. The environment should also be provisioned with a service user (API only user, with a System Admin Profile) and should have the same username.
Each sandbox needs to have the below secret being added to a secrets manager in your CI/CD system or a dedicated secrets manager such as AWS Secrets Manager or Azure Key Vault. Then a new stage is supposed to be created in your CI/CD flow based on your environment strategy.
Naming Pattern in Secrets Manager
The Auth URL for a particular environment. This consists of the access token which the salesforce CLI uses to authenticate to the environment
//Replace <alias> with alias of your environment
SFDX_AUTH_URL=`aws secretsmanager get-secret-value --secret-id $(<alias>_SFDX_AUTH_URL) --query SecretString --output text | jq -r .<alias>_sfdx_auth_url`
echo $SFDX_AUTH_URL > .authfile
sfdx auth:sfdxurl:store -f .authfile -a <alias>
The above script demonstrates how one can fetch the secrets from AWS Secrets Manager