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April 23

Unlocked Package

How to change type of a package from Unlocked to Org Dependent Unlocked Package?

Apply the following steps
  • Create a new version of unlocked package with just one entity
  • Install the new version of unlocked package with ‘deprecation’ mode to all the orgs
// sfdx force:package:install --package 04t... -t DeprecateOnly
  • Create a new package (new name) with type as Org Dependent Unlocked Package
// sfdx force:package:create -n YourPackageName -d "Your Package Description" -t Unlocked -r directory --orgdependent
  • Create a new version of the Org Dependent unlocked package
  • Propagate the new version of Org Dependent unlocked package across the whole org(s)
  • Remove the lock on the one entity on the unlocked package using the UI
  • Delete the version of unlocked package installed in all orgs
  • Move the single entity back to Org Dependent unlocked
  • Reinstall the version of packages across whole orgs
  • Delete all the version of unlocked package from DevHub
  • Delete the package from DevHub

Can I add an unlocked or managed package as a dependency to source package?

Yes, an unlocked package or managed package can be added as a dependency to source package. If these packages are not part of your repository, sfpowerscripts will automatically install it during prepare/validate. Other than that, source packages are not validated during build stage and assumed to meet all its dependencies during installation to an org.

Can I add a source package as a dependency to unlocked package?

No, source package is a sfpowerscripts only construct. From a salesforce perspective, it's nothing more than metadata deployment, hence salesforce is unaware of such a package. Unlocked packages only allow any other unlocked (excluding org dependent unlocked) and managed package to be added as a dependency. All the dependency is validated during the build stage any incorrect dependency will result in error