October 23
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The following lists of items are required to setup your end-to-end pipeline on either GitHub, GitLab or Azure DevOps and Salesforce. Support for future CI/CD pipeline tools will be added in the future as needed.

DevOps Platform

Salesforce Org

A Salesforce Org of the following types that allows for enabling the org as a DevHub is required. Ensure you have System Administrator access.
To setup a proper pipeline, a minimum of 2 orgs will be required to configured in the pipeline to deploy a release. If you do not have access to a Production or Trial Org that can support sandboxes, you will need to have to create multiple developer edition or trailhead playground orgs to configure the pipeline.

No Sandboxes Available

Sandbox Available


Free Limited Access Licenses are available for Production Orgs to enable non-admin users in your production org. This is recommended to be requested to your Salesforce Account Executive to request this free license that will appear in as a new standard profile in your org with the name "Limited Access User" and User License "Salesforce Limited Access - Free"
Salesforce Limited Access - Free License
Profile: Limited Access User
A maximum of 1 user license of "Salesforce Limited Access - Free" for every 2 scratch org licenses will be provided. Scratch Org allocations varies depending on your edition. These will be used for fetching Scratch Orgs from the Scratch Org Pools for your developers.
Scratch Org Allocations for Dev Hub Editions
Alternatively, if you are experimenting in a Developer Edition Org or a Production Org that does not have the Free Limited Access License, you can use the "Minimum Access - Salesforce" as your profile assignment to your developers instead. They will still consume a Salesforce or Salesforce Platform License so factor this into your decision. Best practice is to clone the "Minimum Access - Salesforce" Standard Profile and use the custom version.

Developer Tools

Salesforce Reference Documentation

Dashboard Platform (Optional)