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April 23

Command Glossary

sfp init

Initializes the project settings:
  • Default branch
  • DevHub
  • Repo provider
Needs to be run at least once per project, as other commands depend on the project settings.
$ sfp init

sfp org

Guided workflows for working with developer orgs, such as opening, creating and deleting an org.
$ sfp org
See code: src/commands/org.ts

sfp package

Helpful utilities for dealing with packages in your project:
  • Managing package versions and dependency versions
  • Create a new package
$ sfp package

sfp sync

Sync changes effortlessly between source repository and development environment
$ sfp sync

sfp work

Operations for working with work items:
  • Create a new work item
  • Switch to an existing work item
  • Submit a work item
  • Delete a work item
$ sfp work