October 23
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Learn about all the features in sfpowerscripts

Boost your Productivity!

  • Enable Developers to create an org the way they want it utilizing a mono repository, significant gains in productivity removing the need for working across multiple repositories at the same time
  • No distinction between package type(s), handle all of them at ease from a single repository
  • Simple to use CLI commands that can be operated from your terminal

Don’t spend your days fighting YAML/Bash Scripts!

  • Enhance your sfdx-project.json to orchestrate validation, build and deployment, acting as source of truth for everything about a package.
  • “Thou shall not leave sfdx-project.json” – Zero intervention required on your pipeline when you add or remove packages

Don't wait for a Dev Environment!

  • Prepare your scratch orgs with all the packages, data and serve it at an instant with Developer Pools and Source tracking.

Instantaneous CI Environments!

  • Prepare a pool of Scratch Org’s to act as a just in time CI orgs, reducing a significant amount of time during the validation phase
  • Connect multiple stages to prepare environments to ensure developer environments are created within your CI/CD agent's time limits

Shift Left... We got it Right!

  • Ability to validate only changed packages against a pool of pre-prepared scratch org, saves time!
  • Ability to validate only changed components from a changed package ensuring quick deployability check
  • Detect and trigger tests that are only impacted by the change
  • Automatically identify test classes within a given package, validate test coverage before a package is being built.

Faster Builds... Less slack time!

  • Parallelized Package Builder that steps through building packages by understanding dependencies
  • Build packages that are only changed, saving significant amount of time
  • Automated resolution of package version numbers of dependencies to ensure packages are built with the right versions during parallel builds
  • Handle multiple .forceignore files depending on stage (development vs validation vs build)
  • Bundled Package Builds (build a group of package, if any one of them changes)

Deploy with confidence!

  • Deploy only packages that are changed
  • Ability to deploy a set of packages by comparing against a baseline org
  • Always deploy a package if required
  • Skip deployment of a package on a particular org
  • Reconcile profiles automatically for source packages
  • Assign PermSets before or after deployment of a package
  • Run pre/post scripts for each package

Track like a Boss!

  • Automated Release Notes Generator
  • Track Linked Work Items along with commits made to each package
  • Automated Release Definition Generator

Observability at its Best

  • All functionality instrumented with StatsD, as well as Log Based metrics to build dashboards the way you want it.
  • Native integration with DataDog/NewRelic